Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know it's been a While...

first thing's first...i know it's been a long time since i've blogged. to be perfectly honest, i didn't want to write cause i didn't like how i've been feeling. as many of you know, my father danny passed away in his sleep nov 29. it was sudden and unexpected. turns out he had heart disease and as we knew, severe diabetes. it's been really hard on all of us. my aunt debby created a lovely slide show for the memorial service and although i tried to add it to my blog i was's the link to her blog though. if you haven't seen it, take a look.

on a lighter note, here are the happenings as of late. some of the pictures are out of order...i have the hardest time getting them on here and getting them in the right order! sorry!
...oliver...after a bath
on christmas eve, kelby and i went over to james and sabrina's and hung out with them and the andrews family. it was a great time. i can't believe how big the girls are getting!

somehow i got a shot with leah but my picture with krista turned out blurry!
kelby and me

uncle gene, aunt debby, stacey and james.

i got the tea kettle of my dreams...a red kitchen aide from justin for christmas. LOVE IT

charlie dressed up in the scarf that jeanette gave me for christmas- awesome scarf- and took a lovely photo.

dad and elizabeth on christmas morning.

all my christmas gifts from charlie :)

just one of us. :)

justin gave dad and gift certificate for king's fish house for christmas and he took kelby and elizabeth and me! it was so yummy. here's a pic i took with kelby

a few days after christmas, justin, danielle, kelby and i went to see my dad in durango and get in some skiing/snowboarding. it was a total blast. i fell and knocked my whole body out of wack and kelby hurt her wrist and had to wear a splint and sling for like 2 weeks. it was crazy. i didn't get many pictures cause i didn't wanna break my camera on the mountain but danielle and i snapped a couple while we waited in the car. :)

purse update...i have not made a single purse since danny passed away and plan to get back on it this week. i think it will be semi-theraputic and am looking forward to it. i bought some really awesome material. i'll let everyone know when i've updated. i'll be posting my new line all at once. hopefully i'll have several new designs up by this time next month!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oliver and Halloween!

Okay, so everyone knows that i have been wanting to breed miss bella and have tons of adorable little puppies to distribute amongst family and friends...after ryan and amanda took care of bella for me for 3 months, i really knew i needed to give them their own "bella". so, my a boy puppy, let him fall in love with bella and make puppies. he's half shih tzu half mini poodle. his name is oliver. he's kelby's pup. he's her chirstmas present from dad and me. :)

unfortunately, bella isn't so fond of him just yet. she's warming up a little, but he keeps trying to play with her and she keeps ignoring him!

For Halloween kelby went trick or treating with some friends. i made her a red cloak and she went as little red riding hood. it was so cute. :)

I decided I wanted to do something different. At first I thought...I wanna be Santa. Then, I realized that maybe since I'm so little, I should be the Elf and let Charlie be Santa. After hours at my sewing Machine...i created my elf costume.

Charlie decided to put a spin on Santa and make him...scary.

yes, i had elf ears and everything. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Visit with scott and Chloe :)

I've been making it a point to take tons of pictures. i'm trying to preserve more memories than i have been the past few years. Here's Kelby at Chilis. Bella...just chillin in the car.
James taught Kelby some card tricks.

Scott and Chloe came into town and were super busy with a wedding Scott was in pretty much the whole time but we did get a few hours with them and it was a total blast. We went and hung out with our friend Matt for a drink at our favorite little dive bar, Desi's.
matt, chloe, scott

Matt, Me, Scott, Charlie

Before going out, we stopped off at bronx pizza. Scott has always loved Bronx pizza and was dying for Chloe to try it.

The pizzas were huge and next to Chloe looked even bigger!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new camera!!!

Okay, so i'm sorry i have been the worst blogger ever. i didn't have internet for nearly three months and then i got internet back and had no camera to use to take pics and blog, so i've neglected it. i did get a new camera the other day though and i looooove it. i even made a camera case for it. anyways, what's new- i finally got my website started. it takes a lot to get things going when you have to make bags for people and then sell them immediately. between birthday gifts and orders people had placed ahead of time getting bags up on my site was difficult. i'm meeting with trevor on tuesday to discuss the things i want my site to be able to do. i'm excited. :) i got labels, here's what they look like! i'll post more as time goes by but i have a lot to do today. :)

my newest design :)

the bean. :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fair and durango!

okay so the last couple weeks were pretty eventful, but the most important events were the fair, and durango. justin, kelby and i went to see my dad in colorado this last weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. i used to live there so, i knew that it was an amazing place, but i had forgotten how easy it was just to take pictures of all the pretty scenary. i took this on our drive out to silverton. it's an amazing drive, and i took about a million pictures, but this was my favorite. :)

we went horeseback riding for 2 hours on a really awesome trail. it was a lot of fun, but man oh man, our butts were sore and bruised!
kelby was on a mule, and she was verrrrrry spunky! kelby was the leader of the pack!!! it was pretty funny. :) justin kept trying to get his horse to catch up with hers, and it didn't work out like he wanted it to.

dad, elizabeth and justin went shooting up at the mine for a bit, here are some pics.
when we got home, kelby and i spent the next day at charlie's, kelby took my camera and snapped a few shots. she caught the end of a beautiful sunset and just snapped one of charlie and me. :)

kelby, charlie and i went to the fair with a couple of charlie's friends and met up with some of mine. we ended up running into james, sabrina, danny and janette too, but i'm an idiot and didn't take pics of that. we ran into them twice. i really am stupid. :/
my friend jim, really wanted to try the chocolate covered soon as the other boys heard the word "bacon" they were in. kelby and i tried it too. it wasn't bad, but we wouldn't have been all excited about it like they were. "it was amazing...soooo good." ha. boys.

jim, and his "amazingly good" chocolate covered bacon. :)charlie and me :)
the bean and me :)

charlie and bean. :)
all in all, it was a pretty fun last couple weeks.
on the agenda for this week.
-4th of july party at aunt debby's! wooohooo. pretty sure charlie is gonna come so he can get to know the fam a bit. :)
-organize kelby's room!!!
-(hopefully, if not this week then next) paint kelby's room
- make a quilt for trevor's baby
- get hair cut and colored. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

more summer pics

a couple days ago, kelby and i made a big lunch. we cooked a chicken, then shredded it for chicken tacos. kelby made chips- got a little burned on the pan and charlie took over. :( we had charlie and chad (a friend) over for chicken tacos. it was a lot of fun. :) cooking lesson number 1...complete. after cleaning up, charlie fell asleep for a bit on the couch. chad captured the moment. :)
i took kelby and bella to the bay just to walk around and goof off the other day, and here are just a few pics. :) i was trying to get dad's camera to work. it was only taking pictures about half the unbelievably adorable is that??? :) i love my girls.

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